Forging partnerships for Custom Pay-outs. 

Discover the ease of activating a co-branded prepaid card that rewards.


We issue co-branded prepaid cards making pay-outs a quick, personalized experience for businesses of all sizes.

BIN Sponsorship

The use of a Bank Identification Number or BIN makes the issuance of the co-branded prepaid card quick and highly secure. Since getting BIN directly is not easy, the BIN sponsorship that we follow helps businesses issue their cards without time-consuming form filling, registration fees, collaterals, etc.

Mobile Payments 

This is a great way to go cashless.To go fully digital while making transactions is such a relief. With the money already loaded, a few clicks on the mobile, and the user is good to go. And the safety it brings in, is an added attraction.

Middleware Technology

We use the latest middleware technologies to integrate data and processes, execute business transactions, for data access services, for APIs suited to particular operating systems, and develop applications suited for clients' hardware.

Program Management

We have strategies for managing the whole life cycle of issuing prepaid co-branded cards. We conduct brand analysis, work on hassle-free acquisitions, device ways for optimal use and engagement and work on data-backed insights.