Handy and hassle-free, technology-aided payment option.

All the technologies you will ever need to successfully address your pay-outs issues.

The right time to create your own branded open-loop wallet and card that can be used at millions of offline & online merchants.


Scale your business with our bespoke pay-out infrastructure that affords end-to-end automation and mandates zero manual intervention.

Intelligent Payments provides cutting-edge banking technologies and payment solutions to financial institutions (banks and more minor to midsize processors and merchants) This powerful front and back-end platform positions I.P. customers to take advantage of the ever-changing trends in today’s global payment market.

The platform delivers all aspects of A.T.M. management, billing, mobile payments, contactless payment, settlement, point of sale, card issuing, merchant acquiring, microfinance electronic payments processing, and fraud monitoring in a seamless, fully managed solution.

 This cutting-edge acquiring and issuing payment platform meets all security requirements and regulations of the global payment industry.

Intelligent payment delivers a full-featured software suite for the automation of the card payment business, be it issuing, acquiring, or securing transaction processing, to meet diverse needs in today’s fast-paced retail and commercial marketplace.

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